In Which I Use All the Korean Words I Know

안녕하세요! (Hello!)

We’re here! We’re here and alive! Let me catch you up. For about 18 of the past 28 hours since my last post, my view pretty much looked like this:

Photo May 19, 1 51 12 AM


It gets a little old But after that, things were much more varied. For those interested – here’s what a Korean airport looks like:

Korean Airport
I know everyone isn’t going to get this, but: KOREA HAS RICECAKES TOO GUYS!


After that, we took a bus and walked to our hotel, which is in the Gangham District (Southern Seoul). This area is pretty interesting – as you can see from the topmost photo, there’s lots of neon signs and plenty of people walking around. We counted four Starbucks plus at least a dozen other coffee shops on a single main street, if that tells you anything. Then, after a quick wash, we went to dinner with some of our relatives. (I didn’t get the picture of that one, sorry :/)

Other things to know: I’m currently 14 hours ahead of Dallas time, so if the publishing time on my next few posts look strange, well, it’s because at 2am in Dallas I’m probably eating soba noodles over here. Also, I’m so tired right now the hotel room is pretty much swimming.

감사합니다! (thank you)



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